Fieldbook – your assistant in agriculture production

Simple Task’s team has created many custom applications, using various technologies, to fulfill our client’s needs and desires. Besides that, we have worked on some software solutions on our own. One of them is Fieldbook.

A couple of years ago, we met a group of agricultural researchers and technologists with a vision and an idea. Their idea consisted of some new solutions and improvements for the agricultural production. Everything worked well in theory, but the practical part and the development was missing. Here’s where Simple Task fitted in.

Fieldbook represents a cloud based solution for all agricultural producers that want to stay in track with the use of modern technologies in order to improve their business and production.

This program keeps track of all operations that are performed in crop production on agricultural goods and farms. It provides analytics of all entered data and advices and consultancy services from renowned experts in agricultural production.

Every business requires investment of time and resources. The final goal is to find the best solutions that make the most of your investments. In agricultural production, Fieldbook is one of those solutions.

It will save your time and effort, reducing the hours and hours spent on manually entering, organising and analysing production data. The program provides insights in all involved resources, workers and machines and consults you with some possible improvements. Every single information is kept in one place, joint to increase your business.

Some of our clients are Victoria Group and Sugar factory ‘’Crvenka’’.

FieldBook is composed of four distinct applications, and every one address a specific need of this industry. Our work is based on detailed work and research in agriculture technology, followed by our high software technology experience. We are constantly listening in our clients needs and industry innovations, in order to improve and boost FieldBook’s features.

We are growing together… Join us!

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